StatSec Securities is a full service, multi-tier private security and protection service. We specialize in executive protection, armed and unarmed securities, special event security, retail theft protection, property surveillance and more. Our team is trained and certified in various forms of restraint and combat skills and if necessary, armed protection is available with experienced and firearms certified guards. Most of our personnel are ex-military and ex-law enforcement. Their unique training and experience make them highly qualified to handle various security and high risk situations.


The majority of our clients simply require that we provide experienced and professional personnel to be on site to handle basic security needs such as; checking ID's at the door, making sure guests or patrons are authorized to be at their venue, ensuring that there are no issues with theft or otherwise. Our unarmed security professionals are trained in both conflict resolution as well as restraint tactics that provide maximum subduing capabilities with minimal to no injury to guest or suspect.


When you need security in a higher risk situation where life or property may be in jeopardy, our highly trained professionals can be ready draw a firearm for subduing a suspect or using lethal force in the event it is absolutely necessary. Our armed security professionals are trained in both conflict resolution as well as restraint tactics that provide maximum subduing capabilities with minimal to no injury to guest or suspect. Lethal force is always a last resort but if necessary would be executed intelligently and accurately.


Many CEO's and VIP's require a security detail for the safe transport of or attendance to themselves or loved ones. High profile clients who need this type of specialized security can rest assured that our experience and dedication will come into full display in the event that a threat is detected. At all times, our trained security professionals use discretion and their unique skills to ensure the safety of everyone in their detail. The requirements of an executive protection personnel can include private driving services upon request as well as simple accompaniment or stationed security on premise.


If you have a business with property that is in transition from one secure location to another and you need either location patrolled to prevent theft, our team can provide you peace of mind. If you need a regular patrol to ensure your property is well secured and to provide a presence of authority, we can do that too.


In the rare case where more intense measures need to be taken and privacy or discretion is necessary, our elite team of experienced ex-military and ex-law enforcement professionals can execute recovery of assets, neutralization of threats, hostage situations, and more. These highly specialized and risky situations require coordination and careful planning with experienced tacticians. In the event these services are needed, these would be the types of situations where our team would be unmatched.


Most of our personnel are medically trained and/or have extensive experience in the medical field. Our team is available to be on site for various events in case an emergency arises. If security detail is required and a medical emergency happens, you can rest assured that we have personnel available who could handle those situations as well. Be sure to ask if you would like security personnel that will be prepared to take care of such situations.



Cheeky Monkey

Hard Rock Cafe Anchorage

Orthopedic Physicians of Anchorage

Alaska Tactical

Ulta Beauty Stores/Salons


Home Depot

Best Buy

Cash America Pawn



Alaska Green Cross


Crescent Electric Supply

D'zine Alaska

Iron Dog

Piksik Studios

Wild West Alaska TV Show


StatSec Securities specializes in high risk situations, conflict resolution and other aspects of professional security services.

Most of our personnel are ex-military and ex-law enforcement so we have the experience in high risk situations that make us ideal guardians of life and property. When choosing a security service, be sure to go with a company that holds this experience in high regard and who is results driven.

Many companies look to simply put a body on site and often go with young, inexperienced persons who feel they could fight their way out of any situation for a few bucks. The ability to protect life, subdue suspects, recover property and prosecute assailants should always be a top priority.

When hiring a security company to provide you with an armed detail, be sure that the personnel making those life or death decisions have the experience and qualifications to do so. Our team will ensure that they do not put themselves, your property, your life, the lives of others or your business at risk.


Now Serving The Cannabis Industry

With the changing landscape of the cannabis industry in Alaska, we have decided to become educated in the subject and make ourselves available to specialize in security services for cannabis related business. We will be available for retail security details, property patrols for growing operations, secured cash transports and more. If you are in the cannabis industry, please be sure to contact us about your needs and the services we can provide to you.



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